How to Get Recruiters to Notice You

Whether you already have a job and are looking for something better or are currently searching for employment, going through a recruiting agency can really benefit you. In many cases, the recruiter comes to you after finding your resume and learning more about you. Here are some ways to get noticed by recruiters and get the job of your dreams.

Brand Yourself on Social Media

No matter what type of business you are in or what industry you want to work in, you can create a personal brand for yourself. Many recruiters go to social media networks first when looking for potential candidates for positions they are trying to fill. They might be looking for a specific type of person, whether due to the geographical location or certain personality traits. They might be looking for someone who is obviously passionate about their industry, so working that into your personal brand while on social media can really help you. This includes having a presence on professional social media sites like LinkedIn, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Create Different Resumes Pertaining to Specific Jobs

Many people have more than one resume as each one is custom-tailored to a certain position or industry. If you have a place where you post resumes online for recruiters to find you, don't be limited to just one. Create multiple resumes on job sites so that you can customise them to certain types of jobs. Perhaps you have a degree in media and communications where you are qualified to work in multiple industries from advertising to journalism. In this case, you should have more than one resume representing your different interests.

Reach Out to Recruiters

There is nothing wrong with contacting recruiting agencies and letting them know you are looking for employment, what industry you want to work in, and what your talents are. It may not be that you aren't qualified, but they have so many people on their radar already that they never make it to your resume. This is when you should reach out and ask to connect with them through social media, email them your resume, or even give them a call and talk to them directly. Networking with recruiters is just as important as potential employers.

Make sure even if a recruiter contacts you and you aren't interested in that position that you are professional and respectful. You may not want this job, but they could possibly contact you again in the future if something better comes along.