Simple Things You Can Do for a Quiet, Serene Home

Noise is irritating. It distorts the comfort in your home and makes working or studying in the house quite difficult. Moreover, you can barely enjoy quality entertainment listening to music or watching your favourite programmes if there is too much noise. It leads to stress, poor concentration and loss of productivity in the end. The good thing is that there are simple ways of reducing the level of noise pollution in your home. The following are some of the simple things that you can do to reduce noise pollution in your home:

Cover Your Floors Using Thick Rugs

Noise can be generated within the house as people walk or drag things on the floor. If you live in a storey building, you can also fall victim to noises coming in from your neighbours downstairs. In such a case, you can reduce the noise by using a thick material to cover your floors. Carpet tiles are a good alternative with their dimensional stability and capacity to stand up to moisture. You can choose from a range of carpet tile materials including fibreglass, vinyl and urethane.

Plant Trees in Your Garden

Planting trees in your home's garden is one of the inexpensive and environmental-friendly ways of reducing noise pollution. They will come in handy when you need to reduce outdoor noise from nearby traffic, airports or factories. The foliage on the trees acts as a sound buffer that minimises the intensity of the sound as it travels from its source to the surrounding areas.

Using Heavy Curtains on Your Windows

Your curtains can also help you to regulate the noise levels coming through the windows into the house. Thick curtains are good at absorbing sound. Here, you can go for lined curtains, special drapes made thick to absorb sound. Such special drapes often come with thick wool sandwiched between decorative fabrics. Furthermore, general dressing for windows made using bulky material such as velvet also works well.

Have a Roadside Noise Barrier

If your home is adjacent to a busy street, then you can go for a roadside noise barrier instead of conventional fencing. Roadside noise barriers are solid obstructions built between busy roads and adjacent residential areas. For effectiveness, the noise barrier should cover the whole section where your garden is exposed to the busy road. The barriers cut out the loudness of the passing traffic, and you can use it alongside other noise reduction methods. For example, you can plant trees behind the noise to help buffer sound.

Talk with one of the acoustical consultants in your area for more information.